雲 橋 語 文 計 劃

The Managing Director exercises control & oversight to ensure elements of the strategic plan are accomplished within specified timelines & available budgetary resources.

The Chief Operating Officer ensures continuity & workflow processes are implemented in a stable workplace culture.

Ginny Xiongmao is CBP’s senior official for QA/QC.  Ms. Xiongmao has additional responsibilities to manage the bamboo buffet in the staff dining room. She ensures it is appropriately stocked with nutritious healthy selections, particularly for those late-night “crunch” sessions.

CBP’s Curator of URL’s for music, song, recreation, gaming, and contemporary life web.  He is in charge of all the “cool” stuff.

CBP’s Curator of URL’s for the arts, culture, history,  museums, temples, traditions, Aboriginal pages, pottery, porcelain & ceramic arts. She is in charge of all the “neat” stuff.

Ms. Pickles is Managing Director of CBP’s Department of Kitty Cat Affairs (DKCA). She has responsibility for communication & outreach to the worldwide fan base of Hello Kitty (sanrio.com).  Her other assigned duties: (1) determining there is adequate supply of Kitty Treats available in the staff dining room at all times. (2) reminding other members of the SLP staff to keep sofas in the employee lounge in “good napping condition” by keeping them clean & free of clutter at all times.

The Director of Security rigidly enforces all elements of the CBP Employee Code of Conduct. He furnishes technical support for the maintenance & repair of the espresso machine in the employee lounge.  He also manages the protocol for ordering Chinese takeout on those nights when staff determine the dining room’s bamboo buffet is a bit too “nutritious” to support their all-night crunch session.

The ranking staff member for data entry. This person actually manages to complete some of his assigned duties when he is not checking his email or visiting the bamboo buffet in the employee dining room to see if any new items have been added to the menu. He is also the Designated Driver when an emergency visit to COSTCO is needed to replenish the supply of Kitty Treats in the staff dining room.

The CLOUDBRIDGE Project specializes in providing . . .

  • language training
  • cultural orientation
  • technical assistance related to language, culture, business, travel, nature & environment.
  • website maintenance. Welcome to visit our companion sites:

The CloudBridge Project . com

The Springfield Linguistics Project.com

CloudBridgeTaiwan. com

We specialize in the countries of East Asia :

Greater China :

  • Provinces and Cities of the People’s Republic of China
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Macau Special Administrative Region
  • Taiwan
  • Tibet

as well as :

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Singapore

The core services of The CloudBridge Project include:

  • Language Training
  • Orientation in Folk Arts
  • Calligraphy
  • Corporate Orientation
  • Corporate Advisement
  • Travel Orientation
  • & East Asia Website Inventories.

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MIAOLI – 台灣 / 苗栗縣

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